My Own OpenHAB

Since OpenHap is open source, can I make my owen system using Openhab?.
Can I edit Android and ios Apps and upload it to App store and Google Play?

As long as you follow the limitations specified in the license. I believe everything that is part of OH officially uses the Eclipse License 1.0

Definitely read the whole thing, but the key provisions are:

  • If you distribute binaries based on this code no liability or warranties get transferred to us. For example, if OH is found to violate someone’s patent and you distribute a binary only version of it, you can’t point at us and say “it’s their fault, not mine.”

  • If you distribute source code the code must also be released under the same licence.

If you plan on doing so you would probably be better using Eclipse Smarthome as your base system instead of openHAB. That is why Eclipse Smarthome was created, to facilitate the creation of other smarthome hubs beyond just openHAB.

Also, I would encourage you to consider rather than forking the project and releasing a competitor built mostly off the backs of others that you instead consider submitting your changes back to openHAB so the whole community benefits rather than fragments.