My value from Climate-Control doesn't reach the Thermostat 2


i’m trying to get my Bosch Thermostat running.

The things and items are managed through textual configuration in VS Code.
For Example:

    Thing thermostat        TH2T4   "Thermostat_WO" [id="hdm:ZigBee:XXXX0000dXXXXX"]
    Thing climate-control   TH2CC4  "Climate-Control_WO" [id="roomClimateControl_hz_5"]

Item Climate Control:

Number    TH2CC4_Setpoint_Temperature    "Solltemperatur [%.1f °C]"    (TH2T4_Thermostat)           ["Control"]              {channel="boschshc:climate-control:1:TH2CC4:setpoint-temperature"}

when i set the temperature in Openhab, the Console get it, but there are no changes in the “Smart Home” App from Bosch.

Openhab 4.1.1
boschshc 4.1.1
OS = debian 11 (openhabian installation)

Maybe somebody can help me.

Thank you :slight_smile: