MyBMW Binding

You can send climate-now-start and climate-now-stop to the remote#command channel. It’s two channels up in your picture where you marked the the channel in blue.

Link an item to remote-command channel an when clicking it these options are provided automatically.

Can you provide me your Discovery Fingerprint from the logs? BMW API doesn’t delivers unique ids for fuel identifiers so it’s a bit tricky to find the correct ones. Fingerrint is highly appreciated - just send me as DM.

Thx - fixed!

Remote Services

VehicleStatus, VehicleInfo, ChargingHistory, Default

Great, many thanks. As I’m new to OH it took a while to realise how to use start/stop climate. I can confirm now that both commands work.

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I dropped in the newest binding, hit bundle:refresh and now it’s working for me :partying_face: thanks for your help!

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Thanks a lot for fixing the issue with the Range so fast! It is showing correct values now as well.
You wrote me that the fuel is shown in %. Maybe you want to add it as a own channel/item?
I like to see the fuel in % and I have to use a transformation until now.

I am not able to see the session data. Can anyone else see the data? I have a PHEV.

In the myBMW App it is possible to see if climate-now is active. Is there a channel available to see that (other than the last command state)?

Unfortunately BMW return values are not very consistent. For each vehicle with combustion engine I get the liter fuel value. For some in addtion the percentage level, for others not. So this would be like a maybe channel where I cannot explain wheter it’s working or not.

To tackle your problem I think I found a quite good idea which might be useful also for other users. I added an advanced channel raw which delivers the complete vehicle status json. With this you’re able to access all values with a JsonPath Transformation. Attach an item to this new raw channel and put in this transformation
For your vehicle this should deliver the percentage fuel level.

Can you access the charging history in the MyBMW App? On the bottom of the App status screen in Settings you can see if charging history is activated or not.

No, I didn’t find a climate state indicator. There’s an isEnabled flag in climateNow section but this flag only indicates if the service is accessible in general.

Nice work which I would like to test. I manually installed this to OH3.2 running Docker, but it does not get available for use it (bundle:list does not show it). The only mentioning I find in the logs is:

[WARN ] [af.deployer.kar.KarArtifactInstaller] - Karaf archive /openhab/addons/org.openhab.binding.mybmw-3.3.0-SNAPSHOT.kar' has been updated; redeploying.

JAR+KAR are available in /openhab/addons in the container (mapped from the docker host), it has right ownerships and permissions, but it is not showing up.

Please remove both kar and jar file from addons folder. Give OH a minute for deinstallation. Put only one file in, preferably kar. Give OH again a minute for installation.

bundle:list shall something like this:
360 │ Active │ 80 │ │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: MyBMW Binding

Oh, great! I tried to use it but I was not able to find the raw channel yet. Maybe I have to restart…

Yes, I am able to see the charging sessions in MyBMW App. Never mind This information is not so important for me.

in the fingerprint under properties I found something, which might fit:

    "activity": "INACTIVE"

I will try it out as soon as I made the raw channel working in my system.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately that doesn’t fix the problem (even with restarting OpenHAB). I will try to see whether this is specific to this binding or a generic problem of my installation.

Edit: Haha, sorry. The problem was the person sitting in front of the screen. I initially downloaded the KAR from GitHub using wget, but I pulled HTML content instead of the binary file itself. Now I did it manually and everything worked flawlessly.

The binding works nicely as far as I can see from pulling in the data. Thanks for putting this effort in, highly appreciated. The tire pressure values were NULL and are now UNDEF for my 3 Series F34 combustion engine car, but I guess this might change once I drive the car for the next time.

I had to delete the existing Thing and search for it again. Now it is working! Great, thanks a lot again!

With the new Raw data I was able to search for it now.
I created an item to show if the car is heating or not. If it is not heating I am only showing the start-command. If it is heating I am showing the stop-command:

Regarding the session data: I do not have any session data in the raw data. So this is the reason I am not able to see any data.

I guess it has something to do with your Item label. This is working for me:

Number:Pressure  BMW_Tires_Fl_Current   "Reifen Luftdruck VL [%.1f %unit%]" <pressure> {channel="...:tires#fl-current"}

I’m not using textual items definitions anymore. I linked a new item to each of the pressure channels and they stay at UNDEF even after a test drive. This is how one of the items looks like:

I think the item is fine.
At this point I cannot tell for which cars the tires group is supported or not. My i3 from 2017 fulfills all preconditions

  • Tire pressure sensors are built in
  • Values are displayed on the Car Infotainment System
  • but no display in MyBMW App
  • also no values in API reply

My sensors have either unit bar (Tire Pressure Front Left) or hPa (all the other sensors). I wonder how to change the unit from hPa to bar? I have G21 330xe.

Do you mean the state is Undef or do you receive some valus with the wrong unit?
If values are received please send me fingerprint for validation.

I think the problem has disappeared now because all the pressures are correct and have unit bar. The problem appeared right after I had added the tire items into my model. I didn’t make any changes to the Items related to my car but I restarted OH quite a few times because I’m still adding new Modbus Items to my model. I hadn’t driven my car since adding these Items to my model. Many thanks for your great work.

Thanks for the great binding. It works supersmooth and stable.
Would be great to get it into the official repository with 3.3.

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Nice to hear! Official Pull Request is raised.