Mycroft Mark II announced

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I searched the forum but could not find any information yet. So here it is.

Mycroft have announced a new iteration of their product. An open source voice assistant.

Yep, now to include a microphone array and LCD display.
But did you also notice the estimated delivery date: December 2018.
The basic software meanwhile will be the existing one ( by that time with some added skills I guess).
It is available for free to install on a RPi . I run it with a ReSpeaker mic array Pi hat today.

Well, a RPi with external mic does not have the same WAF, I guess. That’s why I’m looking for a privacy friendly voice assistant. If you have a nice, unobtrusively looking setup, I’d like to see some pics.

Yeah that’s still a weak spot. It’s ok if you hide it somehow, though. Or get a stylish Bluetooth mic/speaker combo to connect to the RPi running Mycroft. It a bit of a hassle to get Bluetooth audio to work on a Pi, though.