Mycroft Openhab Skill

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(Tommaso) #7

We should add the mycroft program to openHABian then! Would you like to add a PR? (See example)

It is interesting, some test should be done to verify the coexistence of the 2 systems. I can add the PR and the feasibility can be evaluated.

Anyway Mycroft offers also Mimic, an alternative TTS.

( ) #8

coexistence? We just have to install mycroft alongside your skill as described in your very README :slight_smile: Should be a no brainer, right?

(Tommaso) #9

It should be tested.
In my current configuration I have another rasberry-pi dedicated to Mycroft because I used the picroft image, and in my first attempt I installed only Mycroft on a new server running ubuntu (it was ok).

( ) #10

Nice work @mortommy !
Glad to see, that there are efforts for voice-assistant implementations besides Alexa and Google.

// Offtopic: Another interesting voice-assistant is, which is IMO a perfect fit for the cloud-less idea of openHAB. There is already a MQTT-based implementation for HomeAssistant.

Have not tested it yet, but sounds like a great idea! I´ll catch up as soon as I find time and post some feedback here - maybe there are others, who´re interested in this.

(Ra) #11

I have snips setup with OH. It is very promising project, but developers are slow when it comes to forum/help.

Latest Snips update broke microphone/speaker setup for me, as soon as it will be fixed I’ll share my setup. The biggest advantage of Snips is privacy, you don’t need any internet connection to use it. Also you can have custom replies instead of Echo’s OK.

( ) #12

If it’s MQTT-based it is application independent :wink:

I can only urge you to share your setup then :wink: When you were able to fix your issues let us know about it in a short tutorial! About the Tutorials & Examples category

( ) #13

oh, you´re right :slight_smile:

(Markus Storm) #14

Me, too. Thanks @mortommy !

I’m sharing your thoughts.
Right now looking to get a mic array to start on Mycroft, so far my best option seems to be the Matrix Voice.
I don’t mind to spend some bucks, but would like to see some compatibility confirmation first.

Is there anybody out there to propose what mic HW we can use with Mycroft ?

Or any news on Echo/Home hacking ?

(Markus Storm) #15

Just came across this. $25, said to get delivered in 1 month. There’s also a 2-mic version for $10.
@mortommy, do you think those python libs to run the ReSpeaker can be made to work with Mycroft and your skill ?
Do we need this snowboy keyword detection thing, or does Mycroft handle that part, too ?

(Tommaso) #16

I think it can work.

(Tommaso) #17

Just came across this10. $25, said to get delivered in 1 month. There’s also a 2-mic version for $10.

Hi did you at the end eventually buy the mic?

(Markus Storm) #18

yes, both of them. But they require a specific kernel driver, so it does not work out of the box with a Picroft image. So far,I haven’t gotten them to work

(Markus Storm) #19

Got that to work now (on a Pi3 w/ standard ‘stretch’ Raspbian), but I’m not content with the quality of recognition. Can’t tell if it’s Mycroft or the audio to cause this, though.
I’m about to try with a Bluetooth-connected mic/speaker combo.

Hey @kai, there recently was a Telekom announcement to develop a ‘Magenta speaker’.
Will you be involved there? And if so, any chance this HW and/or SW will become usable with OH ?

(Kai Kreuzer) #20

@mstormi Well, I could tell you but then I’d have to shoot you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Markus Storm) #21

Okay. Let’s stay peaceful, then. Thanks anyway.

(Lukas) #22

@mstormi what are your issues with recognition?

I got it working fine with a respeaker, micarray and Ubuntu, biggest issue ther is the wakeword detection. But The “binding” somehow wont distinguish between multiple items of the same room, e.g. if i tell mycroft to “switch off the livingroom light” it will switch off the livingroom outlet instead as long as my items both have livingroom in their description. Changing the description to “livingroomlights” and “livingroomoutlet” seems to help mycroft to distinguish…
@mortommy Any ideas why? (great binding though!!!)

(Markus Storm) #23

Got it to work meanwhile. Yes the only remaining issue I feel to be the wakeword recognition, too. Although that’s what every Mycroft user has been using forever without problems, so I rather attribute that to the audio quality in general. Thus to the physical situation incl. Respeaker and the whole software chain attached (pulseaudio, sphinx).
I’ve therefore thought about trying a bluetooth mic instead as that’s portable and can be moved to a better place to match the room’s acoustics. Still struggling with the software layers, though, pulseaudio in particular.

(Lukas) #24

Well i have played around with the wakeword settings a little and since the normal voice recognition seems to work quite well with the mic array, my guess is that its more an issue of the right settings and pocketsphinx. When you try the bt mic, are u replacing the array or is there a way to use multiple mics at the same time? (Yes i could just have a look at the mycroft forum but i am a bit lazy right now :slight_smile:)
Greetings, lukas

(Per Manholm) #25

I am about to tryout mycroft on picroft with openhab.
You write in the documentation to add ip-adress and port of openhab-server to the mycroft.conf file.
What port is to be used?

And btw, there is a typo "mycoft.conf"

Looking forward to get mycroft up and running!


(Tommaso) #26

The default port number is 8080.
Yes there’s an error, it is mycroft.conf. Thank you.