About the Tutorials & Examples category

Discover and contribute solutions and instructions for your openHAB smart home automation.

openHAB empowers you, the end user, to combine all your individual smart things to an actual smart home. To reach this goal you need to connect your devices, build rules and configure the graphical interfaces. Due to the unique situation in each users home, this can not be done automatically by openHAB. Each user has his/her individual combination of smart things and special preferences how these should interact.

The “Tutorials & Examples” category is a place to find and contribute solutions and instructions. This is the place for you to give back to the community! Each submission, as small as it is, is appreciated.

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Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do find ideas and ready to use solutions for your fresh (or growing) openHAB setup
  • Do contribute item definitions, sitemap ideas, rules or contributions which may be interesting to others
  • Do ask solution related questions, ask for help solving a problem getting the solution to work
  • Do give feedback, suggest improvements, help improve ideas
  • Do not post questions or not yet working solutions as a new topic in this category. Please refer to the other Setup, Configuration and Use categories.

Posting Suggestions

When creating a new topic, consider the following suggestions:

  • Choose a clear short name, stating the binding, device or main topic of the thread
  • Add tags to the topic.
  • Start with a short description of the idea, the motivation or the special aspect of your tutorial
  • Whenever possible post screenshots of the setup or the result. “One picture is worth ten thousand words”
  • Name the requirements, programs and bindings to be installed, hardware restrictions, tested software versions, …
  • Post all your code snippets and describe them shortly
  • Try to explain the reasons behind your steps so the reader can learn from your ideas

Updating your Topic

In order to get the most out of these Tutorials & Examples topics, consider to update your first posting regularly to contain all relevant details. One example could be adding discussed improvements or pointed out alternatives.