MyNice binding -beta [3.2.0;3.4.0]


This binding is implements communication with the IT4Wifi module used to operate Nice gates.

Your IT4Wifi should be auto-discovered on the network via MDNS.

Once discovered, a user named “org.openhab.binding.mynice” will be created on it. You will have to grant him permissions using the MyNice app.

Once done, your gate should be autodiscovered and you’re ready to go.

If testers are willing to help me draft the documentation, more than welcome, this is really my pain point.



Source Code PR #12940

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T4 Commands added.

Thank you very much, I’m in a hurry to test :wink:

Hi, I tried to follow the procedure, in the MyNice app on Android I see a notification but I can’t figure out how to approve the request.

As username I indicated: “nice” and then openhab generated pairing key.


Go into you MyNice smartphone app and approve the user “org.openhab.binding.mynice”

I’ve tried looking in the app but I can’t find anywhere to accept that user. Where should I find it?


Sorry, I’ve got the French version so my translation may be approximative…
From the home page, go to “Settings”,
choose your house,
go to “user management”
Select your bridge
In the user list, you should see openhab

Thanks for your answer, if I go to the path you indicated I don’t see “user management”, but what you see in the screenshot. What did you put as username in openhab ?

In case it might be useful to anyone, after a few months I started working again to connect my Nice gate to Openhab and I discovered where I was going wrong. The error was that I was using the Android application “MyNice” and not the “MyNice Welcome” application which is no longer present in the Italian store and which I installed via APK.