myOpenhab auto-login and deep-linking

Hi guys,
I’m a bit annoyed with myOpenhab as I always have to re-enter my login credentials each time I re-open the page. What is more there doesn’t seem to be a way of deep linking (in my case bookmarking) directly to a sitemap, I always need to login -> choose basic ui -> choose desired sitemap.
The only way of quickly accessing my sitemap remotely is via the App (which I think is quite hard to look at, if you get what I mean). Actually, I am currently developing an iOS App with easy local or remote selection and a simple Apple Watch extension for a predefined set of Items. However, without auto-login and deep linking, the whole remote feature is quite useless.

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:


It’s the settings in your browser that is forcing the login every time you access There is nothing that they can do on the server to change that behavior.

You might be able to use inline basic auth in your app. You can’t do this for links in iOS though. It will see the username and password as part of the url and won’t let you save it (been there tried that).

I don’t know what you are trying to do but deep linking is absolutely supported.

Uses inline basic auth to log into and loads BasicUI with the sitemap “sitemap”.

The REST API and HABPanel work the same way.

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Rich, spot on! I didn’t know about the inline basic auth, it works very well from within the app (i.e., calling the “deep link with inline auth” url as a url request for WKWebView).

I wonder if anyone here would be interested in such an app, I attached the current very early state as screen shots


In my experience if you ask that question no one responds. If you just go ahead and post it, all sorts of people will start complaining that it doesn’t do something they want it to do or they found a bug. So I say post it and the users will come.

And since you seem to have some iOS development skills, we sure would appreciate help with the official iOS App.

I think I will keep it as a pet project of mine for now.

Sounds tempting. Could you point me to where the app is being furthered / developed / discussed?

In case anyone else is reading this: it’s pretty convenient to have a configurable iOS native wrapper around the different UIs and different access methods (local vs remote)

This is a very old question, still unsolved. My wife has an Iphone and if I want her to use Habpanel I have 2 choices
a) safari home local shortcut (not usable far from home)
b) safari home remote url: every time she has to log in with credentials.

So I think the only choice is to gor for solution a) at home and to use openhab ios app with basicUI when you are not at home.
OpenHab for Android solves the problem.