Myopenhab/habmin keeps requesting login to access system

My system connects and is online, I can go to the dashboard (after logging in through the popup) but if I open Habmin the login popup comes back up and won’t go away so I can’t use habmin. I can use PaperUI so it seems specific to Habmin.

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I don’t get that second login popup, it’s loading but it takes a while …
But I cannot click on any links, they are not shown …

seeing the same issue, don’t know if this is a problem with the new myopenhab. is not working.

Mine is now working fine, so not sure what the issue was.

[Edit] Never mind, it still does it for habmin just not the PaperUI

I’ve the same problem too! Paper and basic working. Habmin continuously asking for the login.

Same here. Has anyone found a fix for this?

It looks like it is an known issue with Habmin and proxies -

Authentication with NGINX

For further security, you may wish to ask for a username and password before users have access to openHAB. This is fairly simple in NGINX once you have the reverse proxy setup, you just need to provide the server with a basic authentication user file.

Note: There is currently an issue with Proxy Authentication and HABmin when using some browsers. If you require HABmin, consider connecting locally or using Safari for now.

I have the same problem too. Paper and basic working. Habmin continuously asking for the login.

I’ve opened the link provided by rgerrans and read the document. I do not have NGINX installed, nor do I really want to.

One of the explicitly stated benefits of MyOpenHAB cloud service is remote access to your OpenHAB instance without having to resort to VPN’s, port-forwarding, reverse-proxies, etc.

Any other suggestions to get HABMIN working?


@a951racer Jon - what I was pointing to in that link is that Habmin doesn’t work in a reverse proxy environment which is basically what myopenhab is. So it’s going to take some rework of the code by Chris which right now he seems pretty heads down on the refactoring of the Zwave binding so I wouldn’t expect it to be resolved anytime soon.

Ah, gotcha! Thanks for the clarification.