myopenHAB Network Issues

RESOLVED: myopenHAB Networking Issue

Update: Apologies for the long delay, for an undetermined reason, connections were constantly closing prematurely causing a large amount of reconnects and load which contributed to the service being unavailable. The system now appears stable, i have also added an addition backend server to help distribute the load going forward. I will continue to investigate if there is additional tuning we can perform on our load balancers to throttle incoming connections during incidents like this.

Original Issue:
It seems that Linode has had another network issue and severed all network connections to our service for a short period of time. Clients are connecting again, but the service will remain slow for the next hour while this happens.


Is it possible to make these banners appear on all pages until an admin dismisses them? I saw it when it was first posted, but it didn’t come back when you updated it. I think it would be better if it just stayed visible to everyone until the issue is fully resolved.

Great thanks…

Hi, Now work for me

Just to inform that it started working over on my end as well! Thank you!

Thanks for the confirmation, i just updated the topic post to reflect our current status.

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