Myopenhab not updating Items / IFTTT not working

I had noticed my IFTTT applets not working anymore for some months, but only recently had time to take a look.
When i checked, all the applets fail with the message
"OpenHAB service or its API may temporarily be down" is online though.

When from within the IFTTT services I try to connect to openhab:

Clicking Állow’i get the message
The Connection seems to be active though, and after a few retries it seemed to connect

Nevertheless, I don’t think that is where the problem is

Upon checking myopenhab, it seems myopenhab has not been updating my items for some time already so i presume the problem is there (or maybe at both places)
Secret code and UIDD are correct
Anything I am overlooking here why it isnt working?
Any advice?

I’ve had issues with IFTTT as well. My existing rules all run just fine, but I can’t edit them or create new rules, because the drop-down listing items to send commands to is empty.

I’ve seen a post or two about this on these forums, but not much in the way of solutions. I’m afraid to actually disconnect and re-connect IFTTT lest that erase my rules or worse make it impossible to get them working again.

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Thanks Richard, I have given up using IFTTT as anything serious in openhab as sometimes it just takes too long before it acts on a trigger