myOpenhab / openhab App - problem


by mistake I sent multiple times a long broadcast-message to my iPhone. Now when I want to check „Notifications“ within the ios app, I see only a blank screen - after a while I get a message saying: „Message couldn‘t be decoded“.

But when I take a look in my myOpenhab account, I can see that an empty message is sent every 5 minutes… The strange thing is that my phone just gives me a beep but no notification at all. It took my days to find out why my iPhone keeps me awake all night by beeping every 5 minutes. Here is a screenshot:

As a workaround, I switched off the message tone for the openhab app.

But can somebody please check whats going on there?

Notifications are sent by using one of the notification Actions in Rules. You appear to have a Rule running every five minutes sending a blank notification, based on the information provided thus far.

I already grepped all rules but there is no broadcast which triggers an empty message… It looks like that my old messages (which were too long) are still hanging in a queue which tries to deliver the message every 5 minutes…

Is there a way to create a new myopenhab account with a clean notification history?

The message sent may not be empty if there is something else going on.

I imagine you can delete your account and recreate it.