very, very slow (Alexa can't even work properlly)


So, I have everything working perfectly and today when I asked “Alexa, turn on Office Light” I got the answer “Sorry, Office Light is not responding”.

I checked everything and everything locally is working as it should, as it was yesterday. Then I went to and everything seems ok, until I clicked “Applications” menu and it took me more than a minute to open that URL.

So there seems to be something happening here and I just want to know if I am the only one noticing it or if there’s more people with this same problem.


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I faced same problem.

Yeah, I shouldn’t have oppened this thread because there was already 3 others with basically same problem.

Thanks for the feedback though! :slight_smile:

Please check, you will see problems occured today. The problems is actually under investgation.

1 Like don’t show really when there is a problem. often all it’s ok on the status, but myopenhab is down

That is something I have also noticed. My internet connection is not that bad and still, it’s taking me around 20 to 40 seconds to open a link on

Maybe it’s time to start thinking in some kind of paid service to mantain good servers quality.

I don’t know, something cheap per user to use the cloud, something like 2€ /month or whatever. I would pay that to have this running good and, obviously, secure.

Please, not again.
The servers are run by openHAB Foundation and there will be no paid services, as this would put our charity state at risk. If you read the docs for myopenHAB, it is just a reference installation without any SLAs.
Please feel free to follow the instructions to setup your own myopenHAB instance.
BTW, it is not a matter of better servers, it is basically the massive growing number of users and traffic we see.


Ops, noob identified here! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I really need to read more about openHAB before making suggestions. :smiley:

Well, in that case what you say makes total sense, obviously.

And yes, I will probably just setup my own instance. But, would Alexa work with that?

Yes, you can modify the skill to work with your own cloud instance, it is descibed in the skill docs.

Awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

it’s really nice what the team did for openhab. but often I read, it’s a foundation, it’s free, there’s more and more people on the server … and the discussion stops…
do I understand that there will be more and more problems with the cloud because the server will always be the same?
i just want a sincere answer :wink:

It‘s not „the server will always be the same“ cause we are running a server cluster for myopenHAB an upgrade/add instances from time to time for better load handling. There are also discussions about code redesign or optimization.
But as I wrote before, it is a reference installation without any SLA and this will not change.

yes sorry “server cluster” , and thank you for the answer :wink: