items not updating

I am sure this is not the first time I have had this issue. I recall writing a topic on this previously but cannot seem to locate it on the forum, or the advise that followed.

I use IFTTT for a few items and expose these items.
I think myopenhab seems to cache the items and I cannot seem to find a way to clear its cache of all items. It is certainly out of date for my system, I have tried updating the list of exposed items using the services cfg file and the Paper UI connector to provide a simple one item list and the old list remains in the cloud.
I have rebooted my OH system multiple times and it remains I feel I must point out I do not see an entry to say my OH instance went offline, which I found strange.

If someone could advise a good technique to clear the cache that would be great. I do change the state of the item after it has been exposed as I recall that was something that is a regular gotcha.



Open and click on your login and then Account. At the bottom of the page under “Dangerous Actions” there will be a big read button on the left labeled “Delete Items and Events”.

That was it!

Thanks Rich.

I tried this (“Delete Items and Events”), turned on/off switch (manually AND via Alexa App).

Still nothing in items!

Getting frustrating…

  1. Are you trying to use openHAB with IFTTT? If not don’t share any Items to! It’s not needed and it causes a huge and needless load on the myopenhab servers. If you can get to PaperUI and any of your other UIs through you are done.

  2. Only those Items you want to share with IFTTT that have been configure to be shared in the Cloud Connector add-on to be shared AND received an update will appear.

  3. 1 and 2 are irrelevant right now because that whole feature is turned off at the moment because too many users are needlessly exposing their Items to and it’s overloaded our servers.

I expect there will be an announcement when the problem is corrected and the feature is turned back on.