Does go down regularly?

I just registered, so far so good. I then logged out, tried to log back in again, but couldn’t. Odd. Kept trying, no dice. Very odd.

I reset my password, just in case, and received the password reset email (which means I got my email address correct, so must have been my password that was incorrect, right?) So I go to reset the password and am met with the error message:

"Your password reset code is invalid or expired"

Any idea what’s going on?

Thing is, I’m not sure my password is incorrect at all - my credentials get stored in “pass” gpg database and are automatically typed in the same way if I am registering or logging in, no difference at all.

I think my credentials have been correct all along and I am wondering are things badly broken (status page says no) or have the front end developers somehow not respected web standards and inadvertently broken “+” addressing in emails? I do this with every site I register on, i.e.

The password reset email comes out OK, so the correct email did get stored somewhere, just that I can’t log in with it, nor can I reset the password with it.

I thought about abandoning this, and re-registering with a different email, but I am told that the UUID is already in use. Brilliant.

I can’t speak to the problems with in my experience it has been pretty reliable and functional.

But if you want to create a new account it is simple enough to have OH generate a new uuid. Just

  1. Stop OH
  2. delete the uuid file and secret file
  3. Restart OH

OH well generate new files to replace those you generated and you can register those under a new account.

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I believe the + is an issue. This has been posted about in the past. I am not sure if a request to fix has been put in place or not. I use the plus from time to time, it stinks when it does not function.

See this thread: Login for admin user(s) on not possible?

Awesome stuff, thanks for the help chaps. Will do as you suggest Rich.

I’ve just checked the stats: The last short downtime was on May 20, since then it is 100% available, i.e. more than 2 months by now. Huge kudos to @digitaldan and @MARZIMA who have set up that very stable piece of infrastructure!



However, this + email handling is a bug that should be fixed - one that didn’t always exist and at some point got introduced (from reading linked threads above). What’s the best person/way/etc. to report this so it actually gets looked at. It’s going to be some really simple one line encoding issue … somewhere…

If someone knowledgeable can point me in the vague direction (having never looked at the code) I’ll even try and track it down myself.

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Kai tagged the to experts in his reply. The coffee is hosted at the following link to file an issue and look at the code if you are willing and able.