Reset my password not possible


I tried to reset my password in myopenhab, I’m receiving info
"We’ve sent a password reset link to your e-mail address, if an account with this address exists. "

but I’m not receiving any mail. I have check in Spam and all other sub folders.

Same behavior for several emails. As I can see I have used same workflow of changing password 2 years ago. Users are active and in use in openHAB android app.

I just notice that same problem have been fixed several years ago.

Can anyone check this?
Is there any other solution how can I change my password without creating new user for my openhab?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, please send an email to from the email account you are trying to reset. Reference this post in the email and I will take a look.

I have the same issue . My browser suggested a pw which I used and those pw’s got deleted. Now I wanted to set a new one and no email reset link received after three attempts few hours apart.