sendNotification only working a couple times, then nothing

I’m at the end of my rope, so here’s hoping you guys can help guide me where I should look.

I recently switched from a custom installation to openhabian. I copied over pretty much all of my /etc/openhab2 files (that worked perfectly fine with the old setup) and readded all items/things, etc.

The one change I did do is change persistence a bit where I added mapdb to persist all and restore on startup and add influx and grafana for a couple groups.

I set up the cloud connector, I can log in to my openhab remotely without any issues and when I use paperui to check the status - everything is as it should.

The trouble starts with sendNotification if it gets triggered a couple times (don’t know the exact number just yet, but it’s below 10). If I restart openhab on my pi, I start getting notifications without a hitch.

I set up extra entries in my rules file to write to the log specifically as each line is exacuted and I see every line gets processed (via logInfo() ).

The only problem is that after a couple events, they are no longer sent to and even when I go there to see the Notifications tab - entries end at some point in the past and the new ones don’t get listed (while the status change is registered which I can check on my cell/ view of PaperUI).

No idea where to look anymore.

Only things that changed are openhabian and persistence, but I don’t see how that could prevent notifications from being sent after a couple occurences and not in general.

Any suggestions where to look? What to trace/debug?


In case anyone has a similar problem - change openjdk to oracle java. Solved the problem for me.