Myopenhab password reset problem

Hi there

Cannot login to myopenhab. I click the reset password link, receive the email, reset the password but when I go back into the Web page it keeps telling me “Unknown user or incorrect password” . I’m using my email address as the username and I’m certain I’m entering the password correctly, have tried resetting multiple times now and the same problem. Any advice please?


@digitaldan, is there anything special or known to be broken about the password reset?

um…same issue here. I was luckily created a child account and able to connect it to cloud via android.
i saw some post on recreating another account but i doubt the cloud would allow to use same email.

i stay tune first and wait for a fix first.

I have the same problem, I could not login to myopenhab cloud. Also resetting the password did not help.

Have you guys managed to resolve the issue? Signed up yesterday, and when I tried to log in again today, I was told my details were incorrect. Reset the password, and still it’s not allowing me in.

No, could not login to myopenhab cloud anymore. looks like the myopenhab is dead. very sad.

Dear community,
I do have the issue that I cannot reset my password.
As I save my passwords in my password container I get a name proposed for the login. If I enter my credentials, I do get wrong user or wrong password.
If I enter “forgot password” the known email addresses I do not get any restore link (checked for spam too)
If I want to create a new account, message is the UUID is already known.

Some thing wrong??
Thank you for your support

You can force the creation of a new UUID I think be stopping OH, deleting $OH_USERDATA/uuid and $OH_USERDATA/openhabcloud. When you restart it will regenerate those two files and the UUID should be different.

Obviously, make sure to make a backup just in case something goes wrong.

Hello Rich,
Indeed, that was the solution and it works as you describe.
During start UUID and Secrets get written again with new data

Regards Gerd