MyOpenHAB persistence


I would like to disable OpenHAB 2 MyOpenHAB persistence.

By default, it’s enabled. So I have created a myopenhab.persist file. Empty or not, the binding still persist data.

Any hint ?


Any update here? Would like to know the same…

I just had a glance at the code.
By default, it indeed sends all item updates to my.openHAB, but it stops doing so as soon as the first value is sent through the persistence mechanism.

This means that if you create a myopenhab.persist file and you enter at least ONE real item in there (which is at least once persisted, e.g. at startup), it should stop sending all the rest.

This is indeed pretty counter intuitive and I will introduce a better mechanism in December - until then, I hope this workaround works for you!

Hi @Kai,

I have just updated the bundle and set a fake item as you describe.
When this fake item change its state, bingo, no more persistence for other items ! Thank you very much !

Before I tried the mode config shown here with lastest snapshot but it seems no nothing. Maybe I’m wrong.



thanks Kai, but I had no luck.
I’ve tried with the following myopenhab.persist

Strategies {
    default = everyChange
Items {
    gMyOpenHAB* : strategy = everyChange

and the following items

Group    gMyOpenHAB
Switch		xxx   "xxx"		<man_2>	(gMyOpenHAB)
Switch		yyy    "yyy"			<woman_2>	(gMyOpenHAB)

Doesn’t work for me. All other items are sent to my.openhab. And there are a lots of items with lots of activity :slight_smile:

Issue was create since July.

Is there hope that this be every fixed?

Yes, it is fixed with our all new myopenHAB instance that is hosted by the openHAB Foundation, see my post here.
The new bundle does not work at all with persist files anymore, but rather takes a flat list of item names, which should be exposed. If you leave it empty, no events will be sent.
Note that the official launch will only be later this week.

Thanks for the hint.
Looking forward using this new service!