myopenHAB Service Issues

myopenHAB Service Issues
We are currently investigating a service outage with myopenHAB. I will provide updates as we continue to investigate the issue.

Service is operating normally…

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Hi @digitaldan

first of all, thanks for your effort on this. Much appreciated.

How we can avoid to suddenly lose our connection with myopenhab? I mean, issues can happen, but would be great if the binding should have a sort of recovery mechanism.

In facts, any time I see an issue, and myopenhab goes offline, I need to restart manually the bundle via console. Any chance to implement a sort of “heartbeat” to reset the binding after a certain period of time?

Just thinking loud :slight_smile:

The manual restart that you do via console can be done by echoing the restart command via pipe into the openhab-cli command. You just need to automatically detect that your Pi is offlline e.g. by checks executed once an hour.

Mmm … actually the binding is working, but not connected to myopenhab. The trigger is something wrong on server side, but on client side there is nothing to clean the status when the server is going up again.

What version of OH are you on? At one point, OH would stop trying to reconnect after a period of time, and I believe Dan made changes so that it would continue trying until it regains the connection. I don’t recall when that was implemented, but I assume it’s on the client side.

You can also restart the cloud connector by going into the openHAB Cloud settings in Main UI and then clicking the “Save” button. You don’t have to change any settings, as saving is enough to force a restart.

Sorry man, I’m sick during these days, so please expect some delay in my answers :frowning:

btw, I’m on 3.3.0. build #2690