myOpenHub items not updating


I have done this great Tutorials here Blackbean RM Mini 3 - openHAB - Google Home and was able to get the setup working.

Unfortunately I see only 3 items on myOpenHub but I have currently 10 items selected to be synced. I have waited already more than 3 days because I heard it can take some times.

Can someone tell me what I need to do. I saw some posts about pesits files but have read that this is not requered anymore on the myopenhub documentation

Have all of the items changed state since adding them to the list?

Many thanks for the quick help. That helped. I only tried some so far because I was waiting for the connection to google home

I assume your talking about the exposed items in the openhab cloud service. I’ve had a lot of trouble with this too, the update of the exposed items is very unpredictable. I even had one item I had to delete and rename because I couldn’t do anything to get it to show up!

In my experience if it’s been more than 36 hours and you haven’t seen what you expect it’s unlikely to change. At that point I’d go in and mess with the items/things to see if you can get it to show up. It’s a slow and frustrating process sometimes. If you ever work it out I’d be very interested to know how you did it.