Mysa Smart Thermostat

Hello. Has anyone worked on integrating the Mysa smart thermostat into openHAB? I’m needing a thermostat for my in-wall fan heaters, and this looks like it may be the best bet, assuming it can be integrated.


I am interesting to hear the answer

Not a direct solution, but using Stelpro Z-Wave thermostat for some time and works great with openhab.

This is exactly the challenge I have currently. Mysa have told me twice they don’t plan on opening up any API - so you’re left to work via an intermediary such as google, alexa, or IFTTT.

I currently have my 4 Mysa thermostats working with IFTT and a separate google calendar (not my main account). When there’s an event in the calendar, the thermostats adjust to their occupied settings (ie, when there are guests staying in that room). This is not at all connected to my openhab system. My OpenHAB system isn’t incredibly well hardened, so I’ve been hesitant to open it up to the outside world. It seems the pre-cooked IFTTT/MyOpenHab connections don’t work anymore as the traffic was killing the MyOpenHab server, so I’d need to self host an openhab cloud - perhaps secure in some ways, but also many security/firewall-related issues, and decisions about where to host this.
I will probably get around to doing, this, though, as the Mysa has some tantalizing humidity data I want to use in that room to trigger a z-wave fan switch.

For anyone else out there who may have a Mysa thermostat, are I missing any potential connection methods?

My OpenHab system is not currently dependent on any cloud connections (as I haven’t been able to get caldav personal working), and I had been appreciating that everything can keep working if my internet connection goes down.

I just gave feedback through their little chat that they should have a public API where you could talk to the devices over the local network. Maybe if enough people ask for it they’d get it on their roadmap. They have a list of things they don’t support here with a comment at the bottom that they are constantly evaluating if they’ll ever support it.

As a side note, why are all the pretty thermostats the ones that don’t play nice with others?

I went back and forth on getting Mysas when they did their initial pre-order (long before I found openHAB), and decided not to pull the trigger. I don’t know how things are going for them now, but they were a pretty small team based in Eastern Canada when they started, and I had enough concerns about their long-term survival to dissuade me.

I appreciate that they recognize the potential value of an API, but part of me wonders if they have enough expertise to harden their systems against security threats. If that’s not the case, they’re better off keeping things locked down to minimize risk (and I’d like to think that’s why they’re hesitating). There could be some serious issues if your Mysa-controlled baseboard heaters got hacked and turned up to full blast while you’re on vacation, from “melting everything within a few feet” to “burning down your house”.

I’m not one to worry too much about hackers, but I have a healthy respect for and fear of baseboard heaters.

@rpwong I have recognized this as well. There is the additional angle that Apple is pretty strict with regards to potential security weak points for any devices that wish to connect with their ecosystem, and it may be that they are exerting pressure on vendors who wish to connect in, locking down potential weak links.

I would really like to be free of the cloud for most services, but eventually did decide to buy into the Mysa ecosystem further, and now have 4 of their devices. They do just work, and I have not had to do any fiddling at all. There are some workarounds where I could possibly get access from OpenHab to their temp/humidity data, so that eventually I can hook up a smart switch for a bathroom vent fan - that’s really my only outstanding “need”.

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Another way to go would be to install a Z-Wave thermostat (or even just a temp/humidity sensor) in the bathroom and use that to trigger your fan. Not an ideal solution (particularly if you’re not already using Z-Wave), but it’d get you by.

Putting the API aside, I’m glad to hear that your Mysas are working out well!