mySQL persistence shows wrong time


today I tried to configure persistence using an external mySQL database.
My openhabianpi shows correct time and the external mySQL database server as well.
But in the itemsX-tables show wrong timestamps and my HABPanel charts show these wrong time values as well.

What time is used here? Where I can adjust the time?



I found out something more:

Using phpmyadmin I tested following command:


It shows 12:46:51

If run the ‘date’ command via SSH on the mySQL server I get:

Sun Jul 22 21:46:51 CEST 2018

So for some reason there is adifference in the server’s time and the mySQL time.
How can I correct this?


Have you tried a mysql help forum?

Yes - but up to now I don’t have any solution yet. :frowning:

Have you checked to make sure the timezone for MySQL has been configured correctly?

Yes the timezone on MySQL server is correct.
I gave up now with MySQL and switched to influxDB and Grafana which nice and smoothy!