Mysterious RGB LED Controllers

A couple of years ago i bought about 15 of theses LED Controllers, because they were dirt cheap.

I´ve been following the openhab development for quite a while now and always wanted to integrate these things into my HA system.
However, even though the openhab2 release integrated some new bindings like wifiled. I just cant get these to work. Hell, i dont even know if an esp8266 is inside of them. You literally cant find ANYTHING about them. They dont even have a manual inside the packaging.

Normally you connect to them through a cheap Chinese app called “Magic LED”.

I thought i should post about them here, maybe someone knows more.
Maybe we even could develop a new binding for them, by reverse engineering the protocol they receive through the app.
Iam going to upload more pictures as replies to my original post, since new users arent allowed to post more than 2 pictues.

Here the insides.