Mystrom smart plugs with firmware 2.68 not work in OH3

Hi all,

I migrated from HO2 to HO3 (3.1.0), now the old mystrom smart plugs with firmware 2.86 do not work. The status of the Things always remains on Unknown.

The new mystrom Smart Plug with firmware 3.68 work without problems.

Are the old Smart Plugs no longer supported? Have any of you had the same issue?


This involves some openHAB binding,perhaps?
Sometimes if the mystery binding is updated and the Thing definition changes, it is necessary to delete existing Things that do not “fit” anymore and create or discover new Things.
If you use thesame Thing name, all the old Items etc. will re-attach to the new Thing…

I deleted the Things and recreated it, but the problem still exists.
I noticed that I can turn the smart plug on and off, but the status is not updated when it is switched via a rule. I think it is a bug in the binding.

Hello, I’m facing similar problems with Mystrom switches.

They are online, but sometimes they show yellow status “unknown”. They do not reliably working with rules I have set up with a schedule. Some of them are showing power consumption, some are not, although they are set up with identical manual configured things and items.

Does anybody has a configuration which is working reliably?

I just upgraded the system to 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT - Build #2470, hoping, that some bugs has been removed. Mystrom Switches are on firmware 2.68.8

Thanks for advise


it seems that everything works fine with myStrom Wifi Switch 2. Generation and Firmware 3.82.
When displaying and accessing switches 1st generation (FW 2.68) with another control app, they work fine and even are displaying consumption.

Yes, Gen 1 Switches are no longer working after upgrade to OH 3.1. I have the same issue.
OH 3.0.x was ok.
tj2000bch has already opened an issue at github:


I made a progress on this topic:
When configuring things file with ipv6 address in [ ]-brackets instead of ipv4, first generation mystrom switch is working again incl. power consumption.