NAD A/V Receiver Binding [3.0.0;3.5.0)


This binding was initially developed for an NAD T-787 A/V Receiver. I have added support for a few other receivers and am interested to find out if there are others in the community that would benefit from having this binding published in a future OpenHab release.

Supported models include:

  • Serial models C-427, T-765, T-775, T-785 using an Ethernet to RS232 converter (for example Global Cache’s WF2SL, IT2SL, USR IOT’s USR-TCP232-302, etc)

  • Direct Ethernet connected models T-187, T-777, T-778, T-787

  • A generic model is included with the assumption it works with NAD’s command protocol

This binding has been tested on the stable releases of OH (3 and 4) - running on both RPI and Windows systems using the NAD T-787 Surround Sound Receiver over a direct Ethernet connection, including an XM Direct Home Tuner connected to the T-787.

If interested in testing this binding, you can find the jar file in the release note here: NAD A/V Receiver Binding

Best if you install from the marketplace but it is also possible to download from the assets section of the release note and copy into the addons folder on your OH system.

All feedback is greatly appreciated…


Refer to the README for additional details regarding the configuration of this binding.

Change Log

  • v0.1.0-beta
    • Initial release
  • v0.3.0
    • updated for OH 3.4.6
    • added T-778 and C-427 to supported things


Latest release JAR:


Authoring and Support

This binding is developed by @dschoepel. If you encounter any issues, please use this thread.