Name of openHAB devices in HomeKit

Hello all,
I’m using openHAB3 with a connected FritzBox which has some outlets attached.
Now I want to use the outlets via HomeKit/Siri. I set the Metadata of the outlet to Outlet and Outlet.Name and see the outlet in the home app. But in my case it doesn’t appear with the expected name e.g. “Computer”. Can somebody tell me which metadata entries are required to specify the name which is used for HomeKit?

Hi @RolandR ,
I also use outlets with HomeKit.

I use only the „outlet“ Metadata and the item Label is exposed to HomeKit. No need for the metadata for me.

But you can also change the Name in HomeKit itself.


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Hi @dirkdirk,
thanks for the information. It works now. Seems like openHAB must be restarted to apply the changes.
Do you also use thermostats with openHAB and HomeKit? I tried to configure them in a similar way but don’t see them in HomeKit.

Glad to hear that it is working now for you.
Thermostat works the same way. Use the Thermostat Metadata to expose all characteristics or only expose some of them with Thermostat.YourNeededCharacteristic.

You can read here for more information:

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