Naming Conventions

Hey all,

Just wanted to chat about best practices for naming.

I have a bunch of Lutron Caseta switches, WeMo switches, and Philips Hue lights. An example of a little thing I struggle with is there’s a hallway in my master Bedroom, and a hallway in entryway, and a hallway to the guest room.

I can’t have thee “hallway” items in three different rooms cleanly. But calling them Hallway Master Bedroom, Hallway Guest Bedroom, and Hallway Foyer feels really excessive (especially once it starts linking into the Siri /HomeKit integration or Echo).

How does everyone manage lots of devices that need similar naming?

Best practice is what works best for you :wink:
Do you really have that many hallways? Or is it one leading to all these rooms?
Maybe it is little ones, between two rooms leading to a third?! Yes, difficult.

I have a veranda with a bunch of windows, but I named the windows from the room perspective, which then have only one window, rather than the veranda having 5… is this makes sense.

I also use the directions (south, north…)
Another option is to do away with ‘room’; e.g. Hallway Guest, Hallway Master, Hallway Entry.
… running out of ideas…

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With area codes :slight_smile:

I use GF01, GF02, etc for Ground Floor, Area 01, 02 etc. FF01, FF02 for First Floor areas… so on…
Example: An item of switch type that controls a light (LT12) in Ground Floor, Hallway Guest (Area 06), would have the following item name: GF06_LT12
A rollershutter in First Floor, Room F06 is: FF06_RS03

All my items are defined using this notation.

Then, in the item label, I can write whatever I feel like (e.g. “Master Bedroom Large LED”)
You can add also comments in your *.items files to remember what is what

by the way: I think that the category “Organisation” is for (now it’s a nice opportunity to become members!) :slight_smile:

That’s hysterical re: Organization. At first glance, I thought “Wow, a whole category for this for best practices in naming?”

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