Naming Items for proper google assistant function

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I am having trouble figuring out how to properly configure my lights to work with google assistant. The basic functionality is fine however it seems like google has certain key words that are causing confusion.

For example in my bedroom I have 1 light fixture with 1 bulb in it. That bulb has brightness and color (temp) channels. So I have created 2 items with names like bedroom light and bedroom color. If I say “hey google turn on bedroom light” it says “turning on 2 lights” and sets them both to 100%. Similarly if I say “set bedroom brightness 50%” it says “setting 2 lights brightness to 50%”. However if I then say “set bedroom color to 100%” only the color is changed.

It seems like google lumps all lights together and the same with brightness. In some cases i can name things more specifically like “lamp light” or “ceiling fan color” but I really dont want to have to say “set bedroom ceiling light brightness to 50%” as its the only light in the room.

Hoping I am just missing something with the config that makes this easier. Thanks in advance for any help! :bowing_man:‍♂

Why? A Color Item can receive both Dimmer and Switch commands. So just define the one Color Item and use it as a Color, Dimmer, or Switch as the situation warrants.

Google automatically groups all items in a room.

It uses the item type and label to determine what it is. I assume your item looks like

Dimmer BedroomLight "Bedroom Light" <light> (gBedroom) { ga="Light" }

This is a limitation of google and you can put the color channel in another room in you google app to manipulate the voice commands but then it will look wrong in the app.

You can also use a synonym with you light to change what you say to get it to operate like.

Color BedroomLightColor "bedroom color" <light> (gLivingroom) {synonyms="Color", ga="Speaker" }

But then it will respond setting bedroom color volume to 100%

What @rlkoshak said x2.

What is controlling the light? Which binding? If implemented correctly you only need to tag the color channel/item and it does everything from google assistant.