NanoMote Quad and multifunction

I just wanted to verify that the NanoMote Quad does not support multilevel function. long presses don’t send a scene and this page seems to confirm that only single presses on the buttons are supported.

NanoMote Quad

Is this true?

I think it can, but where you were looking for “long press” it says “key held down” for Event ID 2. It’s interesting that it also has “Key released”, so it’s actually sending two events for every long press.

Please note that I don’t have a NanoMote, so I can’t confirm this one way or another.

I’m actually getting long presses, just have to hold it a bit. But any multi press simply wakes the device.

I wonder if you can adjust the duration in the device configuration?

No, there are very few options in the binding. The wakeup period can’t even be set, although, anytime you press a button, a battery status is sent.