Neato Botvac Binding

I like to ask again, is there any known information about, if this Neato Botvac Binding will be fixed next time?

I don’t need to convince you to use my links… Just create your own free official Neato dev account and your own app, so you’ll be entering your credentials in your own app without any danger and avoid using any of my links. In my first post I’ve referenced all official manuals I’ve used.

Otherwise you can wait for an “official” solution for this binding (what’s “official” with open source anyway?!), but I’m not sure whether there is an active support.

I believe any issues have already been fixed in openhab 3. I just validated again by updating my openhab instance and re-adding my Neato account. The robot was discovered automatically then after initiating a scan.

I confirm, this issue is fixed in openhab version 3. Thanks.

thanks for your long fork support. I opened a github issue for merging your vorwerk changes to the official neato binding. I hope it works out:


in the decription of Neato binding it is mentioned:

All “Connected” type vacuum cleaners should be supported by this binding since they are supported by the Neato API. As of todays date, it is only verified with Neato Connected and Neato D7 vacuum cleaners.

Concerning the binding, is there any information about supporting the new generation Neato D8, D9 or D10?
I also found out that D8, D9 and D10 needs a new app called “My Neato”. The old one was called “Neato”.