Connecting Vorwerk VR200 with OpenHAB 3.3 - Possible?

Hi there,

I‘d like to connect my VR200 with openHAB 3.3.

From what I understood there‘s no „nice“ way to do this, but workarounds based on the Neato Binding are needed. So far so good.

However, most threads I found on this topic are > 5 years old (and some indicate breaking changes our outstanding merges).

So before tinkering around: Is there anyone out there with a working connection between a VR200 and openHAB? If yes I’m happy to invest some time and potentially write a tutorial afterwards.

yes I have a working connection with my VR200 on OH3.3.
How can I help you further?

Great, so it is possible. :wink:

Can you hint me towards the thread that helped you getting this done?

The most difficult part was the Neato Vacuum: Secret, Serial and oAuth.

I managed to do this with a Windows Bat, but I can’t find the description or where I got it.
I still have a copy on my computer.

here we go:


Just came across trying this out (had to learn that jq needs to be installed if the script is run on Linux, see here). Also learned that the eMail that is sent by Vorwerk contains a link that can only be opened on a device with the Kobold app installed.

@kl8ter, in the Neato binding, what’s the password that needs to be entered here? I now tried out my Kobold password, the OTP (6 digits) as well as the secret…

… but all three result in COMMUNICATION_ERROR** Could not find robot_serial for specified vendor_name". Am I missing something?

Btw: A rather odd observation: The robot serial number extracted by the script adds one extra character (in my case an 8) compared to what’s shown in the Vorwerk App or on the robot itself.

I did not make my settings in the GUI.

I manage my settings in the *.things file:

Bridge neato:neatoaccount:VR200 "Account Neato" @ "Account" [ email="XXX@XXX.XX", password="super-geheim", vendor="vorwerk" ] 
    Thing vacuumcleaner ABCDEFGH-123456789ABC "Vorwerk VR200" @ "Haus" [ serial="ABCDEFGH-123456789ABC", robot_serial="IJKLMNOP-987654321CBA", secret="oAuth Token", name="Vorwerk VR200", vendor="vorwerk"]

And I have a SNAPSHOT *.jar in my addon Folder:

I do not know if there is something newer?


Do you by any chance remember where you set or maintain the password?

The reason why I’m asking: If you’re using the App, there’s no password anymore, but just an authentication-number which you receive via Mail instead of a password. And I do not find a login on the web anymore that still works with traditional username/password.

I mean that I created an account with neato.


Is there a need to manually add your Vorwerk to the Neato account?

If yes, with which numbers? The Serial which the curl script extracts has a completely different format.

As I am also finding out right now is that I can no longer access my neato accout either.
But I mean the information can be found on the vacuum cleaner. On em nameplate.

Yep, true. I found those as well. However, format is completely different compared to what Neato expects in the online.

From what I can see, it might not be possible anymore to include Vorwerk robots into the Neato account via this “undocumented workaround”?

As I understand it now, you don’t need the neato account anymore, you just need to have an account with Vorwerk where your hoover is integrated.
Then run the *.bat file and enter your email address from the Vorwerk account. You will then receive an email with a code and enter it there: Then you will have everything you need:

Here is the bat:

Copy the text put it in a Editor and save it to vorwerk.bat
then start it.


As mentioned in my response above, I did obtain the token, secret and serial via the script. But unfortunately I can’t get the binding to find the robot.

Configuring the “Robot-Thing” is pretty straight forward: Both Serial and Secret are retrieved via the script. The “Neato-Account-Thing”, however, requires a password, which I can neither set nor obtain.

If I understood Vorwerk’s account policies correctly, there is no password (anymore). If I want to login (e.g. in the App), you only get a OTP via eMail, since the account does not have a fixed password anymore. And using the OTP as the Password in the “Neato-Account-Thing” also does not work.

Can you tell where you set or maintain the password which you entered into the “Neato-Account-Thing”?

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So I can forget my plans of adding the VR200 to OH3? Or did you manage it in the meanwhile?

I did not manage to get this running. Instead (though it could’ve been also a coincidence) the Neato-binding rendered my system very slow, at the brink of crashing from time to time. So I stopped trying and removed the Neato binding altogether.

Though, if you find a way, let me know.

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Hello! I’ve just came upon this somewhat old thread and see my scripts disputed… :slight_smile:

If you’re still looking for a solution, please check another thread I keep up with:

As yesterday reported, my fork still works for Vorwerk (official Neato Binding never supported it). You only need your serial and secret obtained with my script above. You don’t need to create a bridge, just use both values with proper vendor vorwerk to create your Vacuum Thing.


Hehe, no offense, @Pavion. :wink:

Quick question: Where is the vendor vorwerk specified? I do see possibilities for the serial and the secret, but not the vendor.

Or is this specified in the code of the thing-configuration?

I assume you have the native Neato binding, you must use my fork for the vendor option.