Need a "translation" for the caldav wiki

I am trying to understand the caldav wiki documentation but I have to admit I am failing.
There is a chapter called "CalDAV Command"
A little bit below there is a the following text:

"Additionaly you can define an item to listen to upcoming changes of
an item (which will be triggered through an event). Two types are
available the command which will be set and the trigger time.
Syntax is caldavCommand="itemName: type:<VALUE|DATE>"
Furthermore a switch can be defined to disable the automatic execution (through calendar) of an item.
Syntax is caldavCommand=“itemName: type:”

caldavCommand:readCalendars= (multiple calendars can be seperated by commas)"

After having it read 4 times, I cannot make any meaning out of it.
Did someone understand what the author is trying to say?

I guess you want it in german language? :wink:

Du kannst ein Item definieren, welches (über caldav) geplante Änderungen eines spezifischen Items anzeigt, und zwar die Änderung und die Zeit, wann dies passiert. Außerdem kannst Du ein Item definieren, mit dem Du die automatische Änderung eines Items unterbinden kannst.
Also z.B. wird im nächten geplanten Event am 20.01. um 15 Uhr das Item MyItem auf OFF gesetzt, dann wird das Anzeige-Item für MyItem “OFF:20.01. 15:00” anzeigen. oder so…
Das DisableAuto-Item für MyItem würde dann (wenn es aktiv ist) verhindern, dass MyItem zu dieser Zeit auf OFF umschaltet…

Hi Udo,

Thanks for taking your time.
It was not so much a matter of the language. It was more a matter of understanding the text as such.
But reading your German text indeed made things clearer for me.

regards Martin