Need advice for Air conditioner

Hi guys.

Do you know of any air conditioner (trial/dual split) that supports REST API (or any other mean of controlling it)?

I’m struggling to find one, Only found info on the Emura from Daikin, but it’s REALLY expensive.

REST API is “too much computer” that you won’t find among electronics-oriented products.
Resort to some simpler interface like modbus or WiFi/HTTP.
I’ve got a Gree device. Not sure if they have dual split devices but there’s an openHAB binding available.

How’s the proprietary app?
Does it have a web interface?
Is it complete and easy to use?
Just in case i can’t bind it to openhab and need to use the proprietary app.

I don’t have a WiFi enabled system so don’t know.
And please restrict your posts to openHAB related stuff, this forum is not on general home automation.

As already mentioned, you will probably not find one with any kind of api… however, I have seen many (watching hvac videos on youtube), where they have a thermostat indoors, which only just close a 24v connection to the condenser outside, which will then turn everything on. Chance of finding something like that is a lot higher.

Maybe Mitsubishi? I don’t know about the state of the cloud binding, but I think its being worked on. If you prefer local wifi control there’s thread somewhere about using a ESP8266 connected to the “standard” serial port of most Mitsubishis (works great). (Serialport<->ESP8266<->MQTT<->Openhab)
Gree also sems to work, but I’m unsure if they have splits with wifi control?