Need for a cross platform, customizable ui

I realize there are many options out there for openhab ui’s. I really liked Project Rotini, but now the developer wants a big payday…The openhab app is lacklustre as it is without custom options. Habpanel is nice, but really requires coding knowledge to make it really custom. I personally would like to see something that we can all customize, with limited code knowledge. I want to use something like:

This is awesome to me, but as i said, requires coding that i am not knowledgeable of.

With all of the expert coders on here, would anyone want to jointly (not with me, id be of no use) work on a cross platform, responsive ui? As a joint effort, im sure the community could come up wuth something amazing!

What’s the problem with paying for software especially when you really like it? I’m sure you pay for various hardware devices otherwise you would not have a need for openHAB because there wouldn’t be anything to control.

I’m sure the people behind the openHAB app will be really motivated to help you out…

There is absolutely no problem paying for software, but with 6 phones, and 6 tablets, thats way too much money. Its an awesome app, just not worth that kind of money to me.

Search the forum for “Kala” this will becomen interesting cross platform alternative for "Rotini"
And it is open source…

I actually have seen this. Although, i dont particularity like the dark only theme, like light themes. Im hopeful that it will also allow for pictures that are clickable, or buttons on top of the pictures, as this is what id like most. Is it being developed by one person only, or a joint effort?

And the only reason I even bring up the need for a ui is that oh has come so far since 1.x. and so useable for the non techie people, which i realize is the point, to allow for everyone to use it.

Only one developer atm.

Hopefully others will join…take the load off one, plus bring different perspectives.

More people that don’t want to pay for their software. This is why good software is vanishing from the world.

If that were the case, why not use Control4 or Crestron? Good software, sometimes is worth the money; but as stated above, sometimes its just not priced right. I believe Rotini had a good chance, until the developer decided he wanted to get rich from his work quickly, instead of organically.


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Appreciate it, but not my thing. Nust trying to start a discussion about the need for a good, non developer ui.

By the way, i appreciate your contributions to the community, very nice work.

Sorry but I don’t follow.
If you have a need for such a UI, you can find a developer (or a team) and motivate them to create what you need.
All you have to do is to submit an Issue on GitHub and on BountySource set a price you’re willing to pay for someone who’ll dedicate their time and experience to develop that.


Its not so much a need, but a want. My contributions to this community is in helping nee people impliment wgat i have learned on my own and from others here with setup. Yours, with your developer knowledge. I disagree with bountysource since its inception. I feel there is a need for this type of ui, but my wants are just that, wants. Maybe people can use this thread to request what they would like to see, rhat way there is one place to go.

Most of the time these are mutually exclusive requirements.

The UIs that exist already are joint efforts. it isn’t that no one thought of this is or because they are working alone. it is because you can’t really have both highly customizable with no coding required. The more customizable the more code like features are required.

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I dont disagree with you, just trying to open a discussion. Maybe there could be code extensions like habpanel, that are available as a widget in a repo (habpanel has this planned, i know), but instead of changing items or such, you could choose what you want to use via a dropdown, similar to a normal widget.

I have been trying to use a custom template for habpanel, but dont know what i need to change for my setup; whereas if there were an option to choose from, i as a non code guy, could get stuff working quickly.

Im not saying the options we have currently arent up to par, just that oh2 has grown to a point where even non coders can have a working system. Just think it would be nice to continue that with a ui that is on par with where oh has come.

Habpanel is very good, and very customizable, but one must know code to do that. Kala looks promising too.

I was in the same situation as TS some time ago, when I started. But then I found, that there are many nice products on the market, which you just need to find.
So if you need cross-platform customizable UI without any programming I know at least two options. They both provide responsive feedback due to MQTT nature(no REST stuff). All you need is to set up MQTT event bus binding in OpenHAB and …

  • CommandFusion iViewer - for this you will need MQTT Plug-in, which I provided in it’s group. After that use GUI Designer to draw any layouts and create commands and feedbacks to communicate with OpenHAB. Works on iOS and Android, free for one page, for multipage you must pay something.
  • The Home Remote - this is even simpler, as MQTT support already included. Again, draw everything in Designer Program on PC. Simulate! with a click. It has apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10. Free.

In both cases programming is limited to set up correct MQTT Topics and value processing. Benefits of both solutions - they will work not with just OpenHAB but with any automation system supporting MQTT, like Home Assistant, or ioBroker, so if you migrate there is no need to change the GUI App.
I use CF at home, and Home Remote on iPhones (connected via CloudMQTT Broker to my OH). No ports forwarding. All SSL secure. Instantaneous reaction (in 3G Network offcourse)

I see some patterns here that I have seen before:

  1. If you need a software of any kind, give the developers details. “A nice response cross platform UI” is not enough.
  2. “I’d like to have problem xyz to be solved, but I don’t want to code myself, learn how to code or use google. Please help”. Yeah…
  3. This is not how open source projects work. You’re walking in as this is a store where everything is free and since you’re customer, you’re king.

Following your statements gives me a hint that you might misunderstand the open source philosophy.
IMHO if you do want a solution for your issues/requirements it is by far way better to proactively discuss feature requests, etc.
I know it will not get you an immediate resolution, but being generous sharing information might get back to you in a very nice way. BTW, nobody here was born a coder, we all have learnt coding (some better than others) at one point in our lives. If we all complained that we can not code, where would all the open source projects be right now?
I think it has to do with the willingness of the user to participate in a project like openHAB by trying to explore it as it is (even if it’s frustrating) and then suggest requests, or point issues! If not, then the client approach towards a solution that fits the needs is not well placed, nor received in these kind of projects!
Just my two cents!