Need help Adjusting the transition between off and on for the 2nd Gen GE Smart Switches (46203)

Hey guys! I just got a few new GE Smart Switches (46203) and was trying to adjust how fast they turn off and on but couldn’t find the option to do so in PaperUI.

Im running OpenHAB 2.5

In the Gen 1 switches (14294 there were the below options in PaperUI in the Thing Settings that accomplished this task but they arent there in the 2nd gen configs.
-On/Off Command Dim Step
-Local Control Dim Step

In short, I want the light to turn off and on immediately and cant find how to do that. Any help is appreciated.

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Here’s the database entry for this device.

From what I can see, it looks like parameter 6 is the only way to control the ramp up/down rate. And that only gives the options of Quickly and Slowly, whatever that means…

Thanks for the info! How do i adjust this parameter?

The usual way through HABmin or PaperUI, select your Thing and change it:


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I checked both PaperUI and HABMin and parameter 6 in in neither location unfortunately.

It looks like the config parameters were added recently (January 11).

Perhaps the version of the binding in 2.5 stable doesn’t include those changes. Or, if you added those devices before upgrading to 2.5, maybe you need to delete and rediscover those devices.