Need help finding .css of habpanel

Hello, I need help finding styles.min.css on the web page you can access it on
Can you provide it’s directory? I use SFTP and FTP to access openhab’s files. :slight_smile:

CSS config can be overwritten like explained here:

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I am well aware of this, however i need to be overwriting the entire .btn class and anything similar, way easier would be just to edit the file, btw i have already added some custom css to my habpanel it’s not what i’m searching for.

As there are no css files in the source code I guess they are compiled into the binding.

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That’s right, the default styles and theme are not user-modifiable (without recompiling a new binding).
You can override .btn and other classes in the additional stylesheet file, use the !important directive in your CSS if necessary.

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Oh ok, thank you did that :smile: