Need help: using one physical switch to control different scenes

Hello everyone,

I‘d like to use the swarm Intelligence to find a smart solution for my current problem.

I have installed a Shelly dimmer in the wall and would like to use it to trigger something in case of emergency. It’s all about alarm on/off and turning on the siren without having to open the openHAB app.

The idea now would be for example:
Switch on/off/on/off within x seconds: Switch on alarm. And then define more „codes“ for rhe siren stuff and so on.

So far I only came up with complex rules with expires, which can be solved better. What are your ideas?

Thank you,

Detecting sequences in openHAB is not easy. Your complex rules are likely heading down the right path. But there is an example you can look at for ideas at Automation #7: Detect a particular sequence of events

Thank you, Rich!