Need help with best way to recover my OH3 (after cut off power in update process)

Hi, I did update from OH 3.3.3 to OH 3.4.0, but in the process of updating the electricity cut off and Rasberry PI was disabled, and when I enable it again I get an error (similar to on this site). I already do a backup from OH sd card to windows PC and try to use “Raspberry Pi Imager” utility to try to recover my openhab/rasberry boot, but it did not help and now it always shows the “raspberry OS” installation menu (when I enable Raspberry Pi).

So now I write the clean installation of OH 3.4 on my sdcard, but don’t want to do all settings from start/ So maybe someone knows the easy way to recover my old configuration? What I must copy from the backup to the new installation folders, is to save my rules, scripts, things, addons, zigbee2mqtt(with all devices), and other configuration files.

PS i also have a separate backup zip file that I do from “OH config menu interface” before the update. Is there all my data inside it? - because its size is too small!!

A zip file created by using openhab-cli backup ( see Tips and Tricks | openHAB ) is sufficient. It contains all required files. They can be restored using openhab-cli restore.
Files that are required are those from

 /etc/openhab; /var/lib/openhab/[config|etc|jsondb|marketplace|openhabcloud|persistence|secrets|uuid|zwave]

Do remember that you may have other files you need for example from influxdb or other services that you are running.

sorry, maybe I say incorrectly, but I say about this menu backup, I did not use “openhab-cli backup”

Menu entry 50 contains several 5X entries. Which one did you use ?
Menu entry 50 and 51 use openhab-cli backup resp. restore internally.

sorry can’t look right now inside 50 menus(to see sub-menu options), because my clean OH setup does not work at the moment((( Problem is that the first startup (“first-boot.bash”) starts every time, then stops all OH services and reboots every time. So for now I just try to start clean working OH. Don’t know why this happening, maybe when I recover my raspberry pi with “Raspberry Pi Imager” utility it does something inside… or version 3.4.0 from openhab site is not working?

i already start OH3(update balenaEtcher to a new version, re-download OH3 and rewrite it again to sdcard) now OH starts correctly. Here is a picture with the selected menu that I use to do backups before the update.

I recover some of my stuff but all zigbee2mqtt devices do not work, I install mosquito and zigbee2mqtt from openhub menu but what also do I need to do to run up my devices?

Next, I can’t install any binding, and then I try delete the corrupted file (openhab-addons-3.4.0.kar) from the addon directory, and somehow my Zigbee device was set to online (maybe MQTT Brocker also doesn’t want installs), but they still did not work because maybe need to add them to zigbee2mqtt list first. Will do it by hand.
also, i have an error, try to look around but don’t understand what I need to do to fix it(try fix permission didn’t help)

PS OMG is so hard to recover OH, people from OH team need to work on the backup/restore procedure to make it easy and solid for regular people. I sit 3 days and am not sure if can I fix this in the final and how stable will be my OH3 after the my fixing try.

So in final

  1. import my configuration from openhab config menu
  2. reinstall mqtt server and zigbe2mqtt from openhab config menu
  3. fix permission from openhab config menu
  4. delete all files from the picture above and the errors stop
  5. manually reconnecting all my devices to zigbe2mqtt and giving them the same friendly name as before( all start working automatically)
  6. reinstall some addons and add some old by hands

Hi again, I try to update my OH3 configuration (by press “02” line)

and after some time system say the error in installation, then i restart Raspberry Pi 4, and now it won’t boot, giving me this error

So I have a question:

  1. why is my last clean OH3 configuration again not updatable and I get a boot error?
  2. can I update directly to clean OH4 and import my backup from OH3?