Need help with FGW14 USB setup

Hi, guys!

I am struggling a little with the setup of my FGW-14. Everything works fine, but OpenHab does not recieve status updates, when the actuators change their state from outside of OpenHab. However, switching the actuators inside OpenHab works very well!
The worst thing: I definateley had this running some days ago! But somehow i messed up and cant find the problem myself (trying and reading for days now…).

My Setup:
Raspi → USB on FGW14-USB → FAM14 with FSRs and FSBs.
In PCT14 the FGW is green and has an Enocean Adress. Same for all actuators.

What i do:
Adding the FGW14 as a thing.

UID: enocean:bridge:4632083bac
label: FGW-14 Gateway
thingTypeUID: enocean:bridge
  rs485BaseId: 0000B000
  path: /dev/ttyUSB0
  rs485: true
  enableSmack: false
  espVersion: ESP2
  sendTeachOuts: false

Then adding a thing “Switching and dimming actuator” from the list.

UID: enocean:centralCommand:4632083bac:19f898d631
label: Switching/Dimming Actuator
thingTypeUID: enocean:centralCommand
  enoceanId: "00000020"
  senderIdOffset: 6
  suppressRepeating: false
  sendingEEPId: A5_38_08_01
  receivingEEPId: F6_00_00
  broadcastMessages: true
bridgeUID: enocean:bridge:4632083bac

After this i add a teach-in channel and a switch channel (light). I put my actuator (FSR14) on channel 4 (i.e.), mode is 0, and then “LRN”. I press the teach-in button and put the actuator back into auto-Mode. Everything works fine, i can switch it from OH. However, OH does not recieve status-updates ;(

FAM is on Mode 7, i tried every other modes. FGW-14 is on Mode 6.

Can anybody help me? Thank you :wink:

Hey again,
i investigated a little further and can specify the problem:
The first 9 “things” are working perfectly with feedback. All are channels of FSR14 x4s.
I set the base ID of my FGW14 to 0000B000 in OpenHab.
For the first 9 things i used the EnOcean ID 00000001, sender ID 1. Then 00000002, sender ID 2 … and so on.

The 10th (and above) thing does not work like the 9 before! I didnt do anything different.
Enocean ID: 00000010, Sender ID 10. TeachIn → I can switch but no statusupdates.
What am i missing here?

This starts to drive me crazy ;(
Please, anyone help me :wink:

HOLY Smokes… I think got it…
My mistake was in the numbers. In OH the EnOcean ID must be calculated in Hex-Values.
So for adress 17 in PCT14 i had to put 00000011 as EnOcean ID and 17 as Sender ID. Seems to work now.