Need Help with Giesser Rollershutters running on KNX -> KNX programing

Running OpenHAB 2.3

I am “fighting” with rollershutters. I have KNX and Griesser actors.

Griesses actors react on physical switch using long push for up and down and using a short push to stop and position up and down.

"From the Manual in German:
Externe Bedienstellen
Funktionsweise der Lokalbedienung

  • Obere Endlage: langer Tastendruck AUF (> 0,4 s)
  • Untere Endlage: langer Tastendruck AB (> 0,4 s)
  • Beschattungsposition: langer Tastendruck AB (> 0,4 s), unmittelbar danach kurzer
    Tastendruck AB (< 0,4 s)
  • Stop: kurzer Tastendruck in Gegenrichtung (< 0,4 s)
  • Lamellen verstellen: kurzer Tastendruck im Stillstand (< 0,4 s)"

I use for the moment the KNX binding and the Rollershutter Thing.

Up and Down and Stop work find via BASIC UI. Also Positioning up works well. Not so positioning down.

Reading UDOs answer on the 1. Sept. to Bert Melis, I have the following questions:

Q1. I do not understand the position=“5.001:5/1/4+&lt;5/1/1” I did not find any explanations telling what 5.001: etc. is. Can you Help?

In KNX I have only two group addresses for the Rollersutters 2/3/30 and 2/3/31. Used 2/3/30 for up and down 2/3/31 for stop and step.

I found when I have the lammellas in the horizontal position I first have to sendCommand Up, then after 1000 ms SendCommand down and after 1560 ms SendCommand Stop to close them totally. Not nice but works.

Q2. I like to include this into a rule which activates when I push the close button. Did not find how to do it. What changes the Rollershutter Icon to when I push the down arrow in the Basic UI?

Rule would look like:

when Item „MyRollershutter“ changes to CLOSED? What will be the right value when I push the down arrow?



pls advise

Thank you for your Help

Editors conclusion:

Found out that the relevant GA for positioning the rollershutters have not been defined in KNX. So I will have to add the function in KNX with an own GA.

German article:

English version:

So in your case this means that your position is set as a percentage type.
You can find more datapoint types that are used frequently in those articles to get an overview.

If the pushbutton is connected to the griesser actor, you have to set group addresses for that one too, to get the state into openHAB.

Mercy bien Jerome.

To my first question. “5.001:5/1/4+<5/1/1”: I found different topics, with different notation of the KNX DPT in OpenHAB, so I was confused and I wanted to understand, what this combination of DPT:GA with 1<GA exactly does, as none of the parms I applied worked. So I wondered, if this was a OH1 or OH2 notation. Personally I’ve put the 5.001:GA in the Paper UI and only the relevat one (see below).
A KNX expert I know told me later, that the problem is, that the KNX installer did not issue a GA to address the absolute position.