Need help With Ubuntu SSO openhab ssh

I installed the openhab from here:

Installation successful but what is the username and password for ssh? Anyone know?
Anyone have experience with this?

Point 6:

Once setup is done, you can login to a machine on the same network with SSH:

ssh <Ubuntu SSO user name>@<device IP address>

Your user name is your Ubuntu SSO user name.

But how can i fund th password?

in step 5 the output is

This device is registered to <Ubuntu SSO email address>.
Remote access was enabled via authentication with the SSO user <Ubuntu SSO user name>

Public SSH keys were added to the device for remote access.

so the username should be: your Ubuntu SSO email address
and instead of a password you need to use the related private ssh key.

You need to know the passphrase that is used to ‘decrypt’ the public key. This is the passphrase that you set when you initially created the private/public keypair.

You followed a guide on Ubuntu’s site. Ssh is part of that setup. The question has nothing to do with OpenHAB and needs to be asked on their forum.


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