Need more info on Insteon Keypad OH3.2

I successfully followed the documentation and got my 8 button keypad configured and the group numbers into the individual button channels of the keypad thing. I can mostly do what I want by setting up State Change rules (on → off, off → on). What I haven’t been able to figure out is how to use the other features of the keypad. There are individual leds per button, which I can trigger with commands via the insteon-terminal, but I’m not sure how to control them in OH3. It also looks like there’s some distinction between a press and hold, a short click, and a double tap. I’ve done a good bit of testing and searching, but haven’t seen a lot of documentation on those features even less using OH3. However, when I added the keypad thing, it automatically populated with keypad buttons(switch), manual change buttons(number), and fast On/Off buttons (switch). So far I’ve only been successful using just the keypad button(switch) items after entering the groups I configured in the insteon-terminal, and I’m unsure how to enter the button led groups. Trying to use the led group or put both under the Keypad button(switch) items didn’t seem to do anything. Does anyone else have more than button presses implemented in OH3, any tips? Seems like I may need to do a sitemap?

Running OH3.2 on an Openhabian Pi 3B+