Need patience - Chromecast Connection refused after delete and re-scan

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1 / 4GB
openHAB 3.1.0.M4

I wanted to change the name of a Chromecast Thing so I deleted it and then re-scanned the Chromecast binding and re-added it with a new name. Now, the Thing reports " Connection Refused" … and then …

Well, after awhile (maybe 5 minutes) … it came back as normal!! So I’ll mark this solved by saying … just be patient and the device may correct itself! (This statement is wrong see next post)

Ok this was not correct … there is a problem that maybe someone has seen:

If I add a Chromecast Speaker (in this case it is an audiogroup) and i change the name to something meaningful, then it never connects and reports “Connection refused” If I don’t change the name and just allow it to be added, then it connects normally.

But … this only happened after I had added the device and did change the name.

So in summary, after adding a Chromecast device and changing the name the first time, it seems if you delete the device, the device can only be re-added if the name isn’t changed.

Has anyone seen this? Is this due to something I may be doing?

First it’s important to understand which field you mean when you say “name”. Are you referring to the Identifier or the Label?

Good point, I should learn to refer to them correctly :slight_smile: … I meant the Identifier… its very repeatable, but perhaps only happens on if it’s an Audio Group (as in chromecast:audiogroup:somename)