Need some Development help! How do you package the bindings in Eclipse to test them on Pi?

I need help packaging and testing my bundles on a running pi.

I develop on my Windows PC, and as you can see from my failure, my JNI library is calling the windows version [win32-x86-64/pixtend.dll] and not the raspbian version I want [/usr/lib/].

This sounds dumb, but how do I get my bundles out of my Eclipse Development on Windows, and into an openhab-distribution that I can deploy over to my pi? Is there a way to package my current Workspace/TargetPlatform into a standalone distribution with my added bundles?

Or do I try to export/package/jar each binding project individually, and try to add them somewhere in the openhab tree?

So I found this…

Note, that if you wish to produce a distribution binary that you will later copy to a different machine, you will need to build in a different manner. Distribution builds are done with maven. Go into the root directory of the project and run ‘mvn install’

If anyone has more information, that would be helpful

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