Need to hire help on install pay venmo on pi

new to rasberry pi have operation running good but cant get the links to do anything when I copy and paste it. just really new to this. want to get up and running asap

Could you be a bit more precise on what you are trying to setup.

yolink to bindings

Welcome to the community,

your answer wasn’t really precise.

when I copy and paste it

What to you copy from where to which destination

What is your main goal?
Anything related to venmo (from the topic) or related to yolink.

As @Sascha_Billian pointed out, your post and even this answer does not tell anything about what you are trying to do. Please elaborate more detailed.

  • What devices do you want to control ?
  • Which bindings did you install ?
  • Where exactly are you struggling ?
  • What did you try ?
  • Did you reed the docs ?

OP is asking for support for installation of venmo (a dubious payment ‘solution’ by Paypal) on a RaspberryPi - venmo is available for iOS and Android …


is offering payment via venmo for help on connecting Yolink (based on IEEE_802.11ah?, Explore Home Page) to openHAB


[insert your speculation here]

Please read entire message. You dont know what your talking about, I was asking for help in installing the apopenhab not venmo I was willing to pay someone through venmo for the help. Nice getting flagged even though you didnt know what you were talking about

Welcome to the forum and thanks a lot for clarifying your intention.

All you need to know first can be found on Introduction | openHAB and openHABian | openHAB.

openHAB isn’t a turnkey system and as such it may not be the best choice for you. Of course, paying someone to help installing and configuring openHAB is an option.

Another option (for free) is to read the documentation and ask specific questions on the forum when you stumble upon difficulties.

Please mind your attitude !

Your two posts did not tell anything, especially not that you seem to be struggling to install openHAB.

If you want to run it on a Raspberry Pi, easiest and recommended way would be to download openHABian, flash it and install everything from there.