Need up, down, stop command for rollershutter

Hi all,

i want to use a items for my rollershutters, like this

if the buttons are pressed for up, down or stop I get up and stop a 0 and down 100.
The output of the percentages 0 or 100 I find unhelpful, since the stop command completely goes down here.
Better would be an output of the commands ‘high’, ‘down’ or ‘stop’.

In the forum I find some sitemap examples where several buttons are assigned. Unfortunately I can not find the right code for items and sitemaps.

Can someone please help me the appropriate syntax for a switch with 3 buttons indicate or show where I find it.

Thank you

Those are a Switch with mappings.

There is something to note here that is important. UP, DOWN, and STOP are commands, not states. Your Item on the sitemap will never show a state of “UP”, for example. The Rollershutter’s state will only ever be a PercentType (number between 0 and 100). So in the Item lable (e.g “South window [%s]”) will only ever show “South window 57” or whatever number the Item’s state is in.

My config:


Rollershutter B1etg "Kjøkken venstre [%d]" (Persiennekontroll) { channel="zwave:device:1:node13:blinds_control" } 


Switch item=B1etg mappings=[UP="⬆︎", "STOP"="X", DOWN="⬇︎"]

If you look into your events.log you will get a better view of what is happening.

Don’t use Switch in the Sitemap but Default.

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