Need USA frequency Support

I need to configure the USA frequency support for my USA frequency devices. Is there any way to configure this support, please help me out to config parameters which are needed for the project(home automation). If you know then please suggest me.

It would probably help if you gave people a clue about your system? What protocol(s) are your using? What hardware needs configuring?

Often it’s not possible to change frequencies, but without knowing what system you have, it’s really a bit of a guess :wink:

Currently, we are using z-wave protocol and we already working with EU frequency devices. But now we want to add the USA devices that are a switch(FGS-223) and a Door Sensor.

It is generally not possible to change the frequency of ZWave devices since there is a filter that selects the frequency. The chipset can support a change, but it will not work properly due to this filter.

You should simply buy a USA controller.

Newer controllers that are starting to come on the market will support this, but these controllers work completely differently to all other ZWave devices and won’t work with most software on the market.

Can we need to change any configuration for USA frequency in openhab for USA controllers?
and which file we set the frequency for USA controllers or etc. or there is no need to any change in openhab configuration for USA controllers

In Which file of openhab, we need to add the USA frequency configuration for USA controller?

You can’t change the frequency via openHAB. You would need to reprogram the device itself so you need the programming tools. Really this is not something you should be doing.

If you have purchased a USA controller, then it will already be set to the USA frequency so there will be nothing for you to do.

One reason I am now here using OpenHAB is that my US frequency devices are defined in its zwave database and there is a good mechanism for adding & updating.

Many other software packages use the openzwave library which has a dearth of US region items, in my experience.

If you have a device appearing as unknown, it can be added. A copy of the user manual & the xml file produced by OpenHAB is usually all that is needed.