Need your Help about DMX

I have read about the OpenHab project on the internet while searching for the keywords “DMX Google home”.
At first I only found an Amazon Alexa skill, but then I read that Google home integration is also possible.
Since I have not been any smarter than before from some youtube videos and blog posts, I ask you:
In my room I have several LED spotlights that come from the field of event technology and are controlled via DMX. These usually have 3 to 8 DMX channels.
Incidentally, I have a Google home mini (actually no matter because Google home and Google home mini have the same functions).
Is it in any way possible that I can give certain DMX channels values ​​by means of a voice command? The most pleasant would be callable scenes.

I give an example, because I do not know if I wrote so clearly (I live in Germany):
“Hey google, switch my room light to blue” - then on the devices (assuming I have four devices and each with 3 channels for red green and blue) the DMX addresses 3, 6, 9 and 12 should be set to 255.

Since I have read about a DMX integration in OpenHab, I’m curious if my idea can be realized or maybe something like that.

What components would I need? I have often seen a Raspberry Pi on the internet.

Can anybody help me further?

By the way, i own an DMX Interface called FX5. You can find information about it online.

Thanks alot!

Is your DMX controller connected to your network?

I have a DMX interface with USB. This is called FX5 - you can find information about it online