Need zwave dry contact relay control

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(Matt) #1

I need a zwave dry contact relay control. I’m seeing some on amazon and ebay that are $100+ (mimolite, etc) which seems a little ridiculous for a relay. I also see the qubino dry contact for a more reasonable price, but I’m not sure it works properly with OpenHab?

Button to send pulse
(Adam Edwards) #2

I use the Qubino Flush 1D relay to control my garage door. Works just fine with the Z-Wave binding.

(Markus Storm) #3

Many people here to use Fibaro devices (FGS-222 for 230/110VAC or FGRGBWM-001 for 12/24VDC). Slightly cheaper than Qubinos, too.

(Matt) #4

Yes! Perfect. Amazon prime for $46, done! Thanks

Unfortunately the Fibaro dry contact relays are not in the US frequency range.

(Markus Storm) #5

Sure? There’s US versions of most if not all Fibaros.

(Matt) #6

The US version has the 120v tied into the relay common. You can only switch 120v loads. They’re not dry contacts.

(The Squid) #7

I have multiple Linear FS20Z-1’s and they just plain work. About 40.00 bucks.

Have them controlling my:

  • Garage Doors
  • Front Slide Gate
  • Fireplace

Simple to wire in and extremely reliable.


(Matt) #8

No longer available except for a few on amazon for $90+

(The Squid) #9

Found one on Ebay for 45.00

(TonyC) #10


I’m having issues with the breaker tripping on my FS20Z-1. It is becoming more an more of an issue. I am surprised by this, so I don’t know if it is going bad, or if I’m using it incorrectly (don’t think I am).

I have simply wired it in with the blue dry contact wires to the two terminals for my garage button. The only thing that I can think is the button is a lighted button, so there is “some, not a lot” of current on the dry relay.

I cannot tell what side the breaker is trying to protect, or where I’m taking a surge strong enough to trip it.

Is anybody experiencing a tripping breaker on this device?

(The Squid) #11

Tony -

I have never experienced this issue. I have 4 of these guys installed around the house and I’ve never had a breaker trip.

On your connection point, are you connecting at the switch or at the operator head?


(TonyC) #12

Thanks for the quick reply.

It was so long ago that I installed this device that I forgot the design. I just ripped my wiring apart and I think I just figured out the real issue. It’s not a breaker that is tripping, it’s the switch indicator (green light) that is (correctly) going on and off. I incorrectly assumed off was a breaker being tripped like a GFI light.

I am now recalling that for a garage button we need a momentary switch. I’m reviewing my code to verify how I did this before.

I cannot find a momentary configuration in the Paper UI. Back to the read the instructions.

Can you confirm for me your configuration or code approach to switching on and then back off?

(TonyC) #13

Yeah, that was it. My momentary code was not working cleanly. Not sure why, but I extended my sleep, and removed a redundant ButtonGarageDoor.sendCommand(ON). That may of been “tripping” it up.

var Number garageLockout = 0
var Timer timerGarageDoor = null

rule "openGarage"
    Item ButtonGarageDoor changed to ON
    logInfo("GarageDoor", "Rule Triggered")


    if (garageLockout==0) {

        logInfo("GarageDoor", "Garage Door Button is: " + ButtonGarageDoor.state)
        logInfo("GarageDoor", "Garage Door setting Lockout")

        garageLockout = 1


        if(timerGarageDoor === null) {
            logInfo("GarageDoor", "Setting new Garage Timer")
            timerGarageDoor =createTimer(now.plusSeconds(15), [|

                garageLockout = 0
                logInfo("GarageDoor", "Lockout Cleared")
                logInfo("GarageDoor", "Garage Door is now " + Door_Garage.state)

                timerGarageDoor = null


        logInfo("GarageDoor", "Garage timer running and Lockout enabled")

    } else {

    logInfo("GarageDoor","Garage Door in Lockout")



(The Squid) #14

Tony -

Good to hear it’s not a breaker.

To make a momentary switch is fairly straightforward…

Install the EXPIRE binding in PaperUI

and then add it to the Item Code

Switch LtGarageDr "Left Garage Door" [ "Switchable" ] { channel="zwave:device: xxxxxx:node7:switch_binary",expire="1s,command=OFF",autoupdate="false" }

Let me know if you need anything else.


(Frank) #15


I am looking for a zwave dry contact relay to control my garage door - should allow for secure inclusion. (Qubino does not support secure inclusion, I think)
Is there a Fibaro, I can use? I did not find anything pointing to dry contacts in their manuals.

(SiHui) #16


Note that this works only for the older FGS222, not for the newer FGS223!

(Frank) #17

Is the FGS222 able to provide secure inclusion too? That would be excellent.

(The Squid) #18

I’ve been using the FS20Z-1 which are sold under multiple brand names as my dry contact relay.

I have these on 2 garage doors, slide gate, and a fireplace and they all work incredibly well.


(SiHui) #19

Should be stated in the manual I linked above …

(Frank) #20

@sihui unfortunately, there is no mention of secure inclusion nor encryption in the manual, so I guess it does not support it.

@KidSquid I assume the device you are using is also not supporting secure inclusion (no mention of it in the manual)